Vision and Mission

To Promote and foster feelings of brotherhood, unity, co-operation, mutual trust and to eliminate unhealthy competition amongst th contractors fraternity.

To Build public confidence in the Construction industry by advocating ethics in the business through transparency and accountabilty

To estalish healthy and cordial relationship between the client, the contractor and the end-users, so that all Construction projects are completed without any time and cost over-runs.

To Interact with Government bodies like States Public Works Departments and the Central Public Works Department to modernise methods and specifications of works towards ensuring suitable work ethics in the industry and standardising tender procedures. Contracts awarded on the basis of such standardization will ensure uniformity in execution of Construction jobs.

To Achieve highest standards of efficiency and quality by adopting methodology which could be derived from both Indian and international standards with a view to making the Construction sector competitive in domestic as well as international markets.

To Ensure that contractors adopt methods which are environmental friendly like use of pre-engineered and pre-manufactured products, seeking inter-alia tax concessions on the same from the Government.

To Not only regulate safety procedures and issue guidelines for minimising loss of life or property at Construction sites but also to enhance welfare of workers.

To Develop linkages with other industries and Trade Association, chambers of Commerce, Federations, etc., to enhance the value of its services to members. It shall network with international bodies and gain global presence for its members.

To Regard workers and technicians as the key resource for Construction industry. It shall support and establish training institutions to train workers and technicians

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